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Submitting a Ticket Request

When it comes to getting support from us at JPesa International, submitting a support ticket is one of the best ways to request assistance. To help with this task, it can be helpful to realize the way that our ticketing system works.

In this article we'll go over the types of support requests, the differences between support requests, checking on the status of a support request, submitting a support request, adding details to a support request, and finally what we see when you submit a support request

Types of Support Requests

When submitting a support request, there are three different types of requests:

  • Non-verified question to our Customer Community:Non-verified question means that we will look into and respond to your issue in our public Q&A section of our website. These are typically for questions outside of the general scope of our Support Team.

  • Verified ticket submitted through AMP: This method is the easiest way to contact Technical Support. It is preferred because it provides a contact that does not require further verification.

  • Non-verified email to for Technical Support, or to for Customer Service Support: Non-verified email means you might have to confirm your account with either the current AMP password for your account or just the last 4 digits of the credit card on file.

Verified vs. Non-verified Support Requests

The main difference between a Verified and Non-verified support request comes down to the information we can relay to you, as well as any account changes that we can make for you.

If you just need to ask us a quick general question a Non-verified support request is fine. We will be able to provide general assistance (without making changes to your account) and will not divulge any account specific information. However, if your request requires that we give you specific information about your account or make any adjustments on your behalf, you must submit a Verified request.

IMPORTANT: If a Support requst is received and the verification is not provided or was provided incorrectly, then you will receive an email response from a Support representative asking you to provide the verification for your account, before we are able to provide specific information about your account or make any adjustments on your behalf.
NOTE: If you prefer to send your Support requests in via email, simply include either your account’s current AMP password or just the last 4 digits of the credit card on file in the body of your email. Your Support request will then be considered verified.

Submit a Support Request

When you need to submit a Support request to us there are two (2) methods you can use to submit a ticket.

Submit a Verified Ticket from AMP

  1. Log into [[UN]] Account.
  2. Navigate to Help Desk under Help & Info.
  3. Click the Submit New Ticket button

Submit a Non-verified Ticket via Email

If you would like to submit a Support request to us, by sending an email, you can simply send an email to us at

IMPORTANT: By default a Support request sent via email is not verified. If you need specific account information or need us to adjust something on your account, this requires a verified request.

Simply provide either your account’s current AMP password or just the last 4 digits of the credit card on file in the body of your initial email to verify your account.

Checking a Support Request Status

Once your initial request is received a ticket is created and queued. We answer all tickets in the order that they are received. There are only three possible statuses for tickets: open, hold or closed. While the ticket is in queue and/or being worked on, the status is open. Once a technician responds to your request, you will receive an email and the ticket will be closed. This email includes the technician’s response and the complete email thread (beginning with your initial request). When you reply to their email, the ticket is reopened with your response and again, handled in the order it was received.

WARNING: If you reply to your ticket (before it is closed/you receive a response from us) to check on the status, or to add more details/information, due to the nature of the system, your ticket will be moved back to the bottom of the ticket queue.
NOTE: If you would like to check on the status of your Support request you can start a Live Chat or give us a call at 0800-1-JOLIS (56547). Although we are only able to provide an “open” or “closed” status for your request, more specific details may not be available (depending on the circumstances) until your request has been fully investigated and/or closed.

Request Submitted

What You See

After you submit a ticket, you should receive a confirmation email from our system with your ticket ID.

Now you just need to wait while we review your support request in our ticketing system. You will get an email from us again once one of our support staff replies to your ticket. In this case they responded with the text “Staff response”.

What We See

When you first submit your ticket, it will be assigned to our Tier1 Support Team to investigate further.

Adding Details to an Open Ticket

If you need to add more details to your support request, you can simply reply to the email you receive from our ticketing system without altering the subject.

IMPORTANT: When adding additional details to your support request, this resets your ticket’s position in the ticket queue. To avoid this, you can start a Live Chat or give us a call at 0800-1-JOLIS (56547). Be sure to have your ticket ID and account verification on hand. Once you provide this to the Support representative, they will be able to “assign” the details you would like to add to the ticket. This will not change the position of the ticket in queue.

Need Immediate Help?

As always we are here to help, so if for some reason you need immediate assistance with your support request please start a Live Chat session with us or give us a call at 0800-1-JOLIS(56547).